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The Full Story

Clarington Ravens is a non-profit organization founded in 2017 with the hope to bringing opportunity and awareness of the sport of fastpitch softball to Clarington.   Through the development of high performance athletics, promotion of fastpitch softball, and community ambassadorship, Clarington Ravens strive to create an environment of growth and excellence.

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  • To increase participation for competitive fast pitch softball in Clarington for girls

  • To increase girls’ access to healthy activities

  • To create a nurturing and supportive environment for girls to develop and grow

  • To develop championship caliber teams

  • To collectively make a meaningful and consistent contribution to our community


We are relentless in our pursuit of providing opportunities for growth, development and enjoyment of fast pitch softball for girls in Clarington.

Players Development & Coaches' Philosophy

Our primary philosophy is overall player development, both individual and as a team. Our players develop both physically and mentally while gaining a constructive attitude towards competition. Although we strive to win, we know that winning is not the only measure of success. We aim to provide players with advanced skill and development opportunities; encourage positive attitude, team work and team spirit. The players will develop in a supportive environment while teaching advanced technical skills. We hold the girls to a high standard of accountability, responsibility and integrity. Sportsmanship is paramount in the organization and we treat each team member, coach, officiant and our opponents with dignity and respect. Each Raven recognizes that every team member matters and WE before ME.

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